Looking to build your passive income through recurring affiliate marketing commissions? Promoting subscription services is one of the best ways to scale up your passive income fast.

The way it works is simple:

  1. Find a product or service that offers an affiliate program AND has recurring billing (usually a monthly subscription).
  2. Refer new customers to the offer using your unique affiliate link.
  3. When they sign up, you get paid a recurring commission from their payments each month.

Ideally, you want to find affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions, so you can get paid on those customers for life.

To make your search easier, I’ve put together this list of the highest paying affiliate programs with lifetime recurring commissions. By promoting these offers, you’ll be able to create a residual income through affiliate marketing.

Training by Russell Brunson - founder of ClickFunnels1) ClickFunnels

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is awesome. It’s also one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

What is ClickFunnels?

To sum it up, it’s a simple drag-and-drop funnel builder. Sales funnels are websites that take visitors through a logical step-by-step journey that turns them into buying customers. You can think of them as virtual “sales people” who automate your selling process for you.

ClickFunnels lets business owners (and anyone who wants to sell something online) create fully-functional online sales funnels without any coding experience needed. You can check out the ClickFunnels homepage for a quick summary on how it works.

Why become a ClickFunnels affiliate?

For starters, they pay you a whopping 40% lifetime recurring commission on everyone you refer. They’ve got tons of offers for you to promote (all of which are high quality) so it’s very easy to start building your residual income fast.

The core offer is the ClickFunnels website builder online software. It’s on a recurring billing system with two plans to choose from: either $97/month for a basic starter plan, or $297/month for the full suite.

Since you’re getting paid 40% monthly, that means you make:

  • $38.80 USD per month for each person you sign up on the basic plan.
  • $118.80 USD per month for each person you sign up on the full suite.

They also have a ton of other one-time payment and recurring billing offers, with prices ranging all the way up to $997 – so you can make a lot of money off of that 40% commission.

The other thing that makes this program so great is the support you’re provided. The founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, is one of the top marketers in the world. (He’s even done marketing for Tony Robbins!)

He provides a lot of training for affiliates to help you get your business profitable quickly. There’s also a huge worldwide ClickFunnels affiliate support network of over 40,000+ affiliates who you can connect with through the ClickFunnels Affiliate Avengers Facebook group.

As if that wasn’t cool enough – ClickFunnels also has a “Win Your Dream Car” contest for all affiliates. Once you refer at least 100 people to ClickFunnels, you’ll get the lease for your dream car covered up to $500/month.

That bonus increases to $1,000/month when you hit 200 referrals. And that’s on top of the thousands per month you’d already be earning passively from referring those customers in the first place!

How to Get Started with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Step 1: Create a ClickFunnels account here. (You automatically become an affiliate once you create your account)

Step 2: Grab this free ClickFunnels affiliate funnel and training. (There are many ways to promote ClickFunnels, but this funnel and training system is the easiest way for a beginner to get started)

Step 3: Follow the steps in the training above, and start making money as an affiliate!

ClickMagick recurring commissions affiliate program2) ClickMagick

Another great software to promote is ClickMagick. It’s also a perfect compliment to promote alongside ClickFunnels, because anyone interested in making money online through funnels would also benefit from top-notch link tracking.

What is ClickMagick?

It’s a link-tracking software that helps marketers get better results online. Not only do they have a great affiliate program, but they also offer must-have tools that’ll allow you to earn more money as an affiliate marketer.

Click here for a free guide on how ClickMagick works.

Why become a ClickMagick affiliate?

They’ll pay you a lifetime recurring commission of 35% on the monthly bills of all customers you refer to any of their plans. Their plans are priced at $17, $47, or $97 per month depending on which one your referrals choose.

On top of that, they have a cool and unique bonus. For each customer you refer, you’ll get 100% commission on your referrals’ first monthly payment!

If you’re driving steady traffic, you’ll earn a ton of money through this offer.

How to Get Started with the ClickMagick Affiliate Program

Step 1: Sign up for a ClickMagick account. (This is important so that you understand the software yourself, and can use the tools to increase your income through effective tracking)

Step 2: Join the affiliate program here.

Step 3: Start promoting ClickMagick through emails, ads, and any other method you prefer!

3) Udimi

Udimi is well-known in certain circles and a best-kept secret to others. It’s a wonderful service that’ll open up a huge opportunity for you as an affiliate marketer.

What is Udimi?

It’s a Solo Ads marketplace. Solo ads are basically sponsored “email blasts” that you can purchase from “solo ad providers” – who are people with large email lists built around a certain niche. Most Solo Ad lists are focused around the “Make Money Online” niche but you’ll also find some in Health & Wellness along with other niches.

Why become a Udimi affiliate?

There are two ways to earn money with Udimi (both of which are highly lucrative):

#1 – Earn up to 50% lifetime recurring commissions on Prime subscriptions.

“Prime” is Udimi’s optional subscription service. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who’s going to be spending a lot of money on solo ads because it’ll get them better results and save money in the long run.

How the Prime recurring commissions work:

If you signed up for Udimi without a monthly subscription, you’ll be able to earn 25% lifetime recurring commissions on any referrals you sign up to the Prime subscription.

However, if you upgrade to the Prime plan yourself, you’ll get a boost in your affiliate earnings. You’ll be able to earn a full 50% lifetime recurring commission on all your referred Prime subscriptions!

#2 – Earn 15% commission on each Solo Ad purchase from your referrals

People you refer to Udimi will end up buying solo ads – that’s what they signed up to it for after all! Not only will you earn a commission on their subscription if they sign up for Prime, but you’ll also receive 15% lifetime commissions on all of their solo ad purchases. That means you can earn whether or not they even sign up for a subscription!

To show you how powerful this is, if you sign up just one person who goes on to spend $1,000+ in solo ad purchases in a month, you’ll have earned $150 just from that one person!

As a bonus, they also gift a $5 voucher to anyone who signs up using your link. That gives you an easy added incentive to motivate people to sign up through you.

How to Get Started with the Udimi Affiliate Program

Step 1: Create a free Udimi account. (Once you create your account, you’ll automatically become an affiliate)

Step 2: Start promoting!

GetResponse Email Marketing affiliate program4) GetResponse

Every marketer on the planet needs an email marketing software. And GetResponse is one of the best with a highly reputable name. So why not get paid promoting it?

What is GetResponse?

It’s an email marketing software that lets you build and manage your own list. It comes with a bunch of cutting-edge tools to take your email marketing to the next level.

Why become a GetResponse affiliate?

GetResponse is one of the biggest names in the industry. You’ll be promoting a top-notch established and trusted brand. Its affiliate program is pretty lucrative too. They pay you 33% recurring commission on your referrals’ monthly plans for life. The plans are listed below:

  • $15/month Email plan – You earn $4.95 USD per user monthly.
  • $49/month Pro plan – You earn $16.17 USD per user monthly.
  • $165/month Max plan – You earn $54.45 USD per user monthly.

How to Get Started with the GetResponse Affiliate Program

Step 1: Sign up for a GetResponse account.

Step 2: Join the affiliate program here.

Step 3: Take action and promote it!

5) Aweber

Aweber‘s another well-known and trusted email service.

Why become an Aweber affiliate?

Just like GetResponse, it’s a name people recognize. It’s also one of the most lenient email marketing platforms. Other alternatives like Mailchimp have a lot of restrictions and won’t let you promote certain industries such as Dating, Affiliate Marketing, etc. This causes frustrations for a lot of people, who’ll be looking for a better service to sign up for.

Aweber doesn’t put arbitrary restrictions on certain industries, which means you’ll have an easier time promoting it. You’ll also be able to use it to build your own email list and promote your affiliate offers (if you aren’t already using GetResponse).

Its affiliate program is pretty lucrative too. They pay you 30% recurring commission on your referrals’ monthly plans for life. It’s priced at $19/month – which may not seem as high as the other offers on this list, but since it’s so easy to promote you can build that to a respectable income quickly.

How to Get Started with the Aweber Affiliate Program

Step 1: Sign up for an Aweber account.

Step 2: Join the affiliate program here.

Step 3: Start spreading the word about Aweber!


There are many high paying recurring commissions affiliate programs to choose from. By promoting these recurring billing services, you can build up your passive income through affiliate marketing without having to create your own product or build a complex business.

Some of the most lucrative and proven programs are ClickFunnels, ClickMagick, Udimi, GetResponse, and Aweber.

If you search online, you’ll find many more. The offers are endless. Don’t get bogged down by information overload. The important thing is to get started, and these are the best offers to help you get started as a beginner.